Sunday, October 03, 2010

Homophobia-The New Blasphemy

The Pope's recent visit prompted a vile outpouring of abuse from a tiny minority of militant atheists in this country, many of whom seemed also to be militant gay campaigners. I don't have a problem with people being critical, that's life, but the obnoxious abuse was ill mannered at best, disgustingly unnecessary and vulgar at worst.

Today Paul Daniels is the target of their bile and venom. So what has he done to warrant the vile personal abuse being directed his way by the militant, gay, angry brigade? He apparently told Craig Revel-Horwood, a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, not to give up his day job tasting sausages. Blue touch paper lit and bang, within minutes it seems a torrent of pink fury had been unleashed and complaints went into the BBC. The mighty keyboard warriors on Twitter went into overdrive too it seems, calling him foul mouthed names and demanding that terrible things happen to him, including death. Of course, those who cry most to be tolerated are often the most intolerant and bigoted towards others.

So why was this torrent unleashed at Daniels? Because the judge he aimed his comment at is gay. But, more relevantly, he is this year's frontman for British Sausage Week. It says it all about today's apparent lust to be offended that both men have today had to issue statements to try and calm the situation. Even when Revel-Horwood, the 'victim', has questioned what there was to be offended about the angry bigade have declared that Daniels was probably being homophobic anyway. When they are determined to be offended and angry they will find something to offend and anger them in anything. How sad.

So these last few weeks we've seen vile abuse directed at religion and a religious leader, and vile abuse directed at a man on the telly for mentioning tasting sausages, which apparently is homophobic. It's a funny old world.

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