Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jeremy Clarkson Yet Again

I heard yesterday that Jeremy Clarkson was in lumber, yet again, for causing offence. I also heard that some poxy daytime TV show had been running a poll as to whether or not Clarkson had gone too far this time. That did it, I had to find out what he had done or said that was so evil.

The following, from Yahoo News, is what he said about the Ferrari F430 Speciale:
Comparing it to a newer model, he said the car "was a bit wrong - that smiling front end - it looked like a simpleton - should have been called the 430 Speciale Needs".

Charities criticised the remark, with the National Autistic Society saying it perpetuated "the prejudice and bullying which people with disabilities have to cope with".
So I continued reading, and searching the internet to find out what had caused such great offence. But that was it. I wasn't surprised that the National Autistic Society jumped into the row for some cheap publicity, after over 20 years working for charities they seem to have been infiltrated by special needs senior managers with no sense of proportion.

It seems that Ofcom, the broadcasting equivalent of the Gestapo, "investigated" the remarks after two (2) people complained to the BBC. I suggest that those two people, and the senior management of the National Autistic Society, be put into nice padded rooms with no sharp objects, shoe laces or belts and leave the grown ups without special needs to get on with life.


e.f. bartlam said...

You reckon he'll be made to apologize?

Of all the stupidity that these episodes inspire...the greying of language,crimes against humor, free thought, etc...the spectacle of grown men kow towing is the worst.

Well, maybe the second worst...there are forms of autism that are absolutely crushing and it is a bleak situation for families. Crap like this just dinishes the real pain that people live with.

Gregg said...

I agree. The National Autism Society shouldn't take offence on behalf of families living with autism. I suspect those families have more on their minds than a throw away remark on a mtoring show.

The lines were cut by the BBC when the show was repeated apparently. Presumably to save offending two more people.

Tell you what, my wife and I are offended by Labour Party election broadcasts. I wonder if we complained............