Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nazis and Socialists

Yesterday I Tweeted that Manchester City Council is still run by lunatics as the Lord Mayor turned up to full council in leg irons and shackles to mark anti-slavery day, which is on October 18th. I also wrote about this kind of juvenile tokenism in yesterday's blog post which you can read below.

For the record I have been involved in many awareness days and weeks over the years and am ambivalent towards them at best, think they are a waste of time and money at worst. Most of the awareness days/weeks I have been involved in have been with charities. They are tokenistic and take away from people who work extremely hard all the year round.

However, I find the theme of socialist paranoia a recurring theme at the moment. My criticism of the Lord Mayor prompted one loony socialist Labour Party supporter to Tweet accusing me of being a 'Dumb Ass' who 'regrets the abolition of slavey'.

I retorted that he was juvenile and paranoid, or similar. Which prompted him to call me a 'Right Wing Nazi' followed by a 'Dumb Ass something or other', I can't remember exactly.

I defy anybody to read my post below, or indeed anything in this blog going back three years, and point out anything that could be construed as Nazi or anything similar.

Words like 'Nazi' and 'fascist' are now so overused as terms of abuse, usually by socialists if you disagree with them, that they no longer have any impact, I'm certainly not offended by morons who overuse these words. But I think those who throw those words about belittle the suffering of millions of people at the hands of real Nazis and fascists.

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