Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Manchester City Council-Still Slaves to Political Correctness

Today in Manchester the Lord Mayor opened the full council meting wearing leg irons and chains to mark anti-slavery day. What a pathetic and patronising gesture. Anti-slavery day is apparently on October 18th, but I suppose Manchester City Council just  couldn't wait.

It's about as pathetic as their statue of Abraham Lincoln on Brazennose Street. It bears an extract of a letter from Lincoln to 'the working men' of Manchester thanking them for their support during the US Civil War. But of course, the City Council know better than some old Yankee and have changed the wording on the staue to 'the working people' of Manchester.

Still, as long as the nitwits of Manchester vote Labour the world will continue to get an occasional laugh at the stupidity of Manchester City Council and its voters.

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