Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Babies As Accessories

As we in the west, possibly elsewhere in the world too, become ever more obsessed with wealth and the trinkets of wealth there is inevitably an impact on the way we treat humans. So called 'enlightened employment practices' have actually created something nearer to the Victorian workplace than we have seen in decades.

I know people whose employers threaten them with dismissal if they drink at lunchtime. A Friday lunchtime pint with colleagues used to be a great team building exercise, but no more. Internet access is severely restricted, but they still have access to lawbooks and other work manuals and reference books on the shelves. Why do employers need to know whether you are gay or heterosexual? Why do they need to know your religion? Why in Northern Ireland is it illegal not to state your religion on a job application? Why do employers need to know if we are married or not? Why do they need to know whether you regard yourself as having a disability?

But more worrying is the way we see babies and very young people. There has been much debate in the media this week about social services departments who will not place black babies for adoption with white couples. We all know that in an ideal world parents would be able to adopt a baby that as nearly resembles a child the couple might produce naturally as possible. But it isn't an ideal world, so surely the most important thing is that babies are adopted by whoever can give them the love and attention they need rather than leaving them in care maybe for years and years.

But no, social workers claim that placing black babies with white families would be confusing for the child. Well then, how bloody  confused will the children of gay parents be when they get to school to find that all the other kids have mummy and daddy while they have daddy and daddy or mummy and mummy?

Then we have the reintroduction of slavery, as long you have lots of cash and are preferably a celebrity. Madonna's bought a little slave and now Elton John, perhaps bored with all his other vulger trinkets, has also bought a little slave. Because I see no difference between buying a baby and buying somebody older to work for you, both involve buying human beings for money, and both are wrong, both are slavery.

Then we have the obscenity of abortion with millions of unborn babies being slaughtered every year. But in these days of ever more effective contraception why are so many young girls getting pregnant and using abortion as a form of contraception? Maybe because the authorities insist on teaching sex education to younger and younger children without properly teaching of the dangers and the responsibilities. So the more unwanted teenage pregnancies we have, the younger the 'progressives' start teaching kids about sex and so the cycle goes on. So the UK now has the highest rate of unwantd teen pregnancies in Europe, and abortion is just another form of contraception.

If you judge a civilisation by the way it treats its babies I fear that our civilisation doesn't stand up to close scrutiny.

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