Monday, January 24, 2011

Politically Correct Bull

Oh dear, two football commentators joked that a female linesman at the Wolves v Liverpool game probably wouldn't understand the offside rule. It's hit the front page of The Times today, a full inside page and the two, Andy Gray and Richard Keys, aren't allowed to work on tonight's live game. How pathetic.

We used to have a great sense of humour in this country, and a sense of perspective, it seems that the politically correct puritans have killed off both. If women can't cope with a corny old joke like that God help them when twenty thousand hairy arsed drunks start chanting abuse at them when they do get a decision wrong.

I heard a woman commenting on a game last week, on the Football League Show I think, and I couldn't watch it, it just wasn't right. It sounded like a netball commentary had been overlaid onto a football game. If that makes me sexist then so be it. I suppose it fits with Baroness Warsi claiming those of us who dare to criticise Islam are Islamphobes. So I'm sexist and Islamophobic/racist. I heartily oppose gay adoption too. Bingo, homophobic too.

Again we used to be able to disagree or oppose something a few years back without being accused of an 'ism' or a 'phobia'. No more, the politically correct fascists have used the English language to create a form of intellectual imprisonment. And don't you dare tell a joke that might be a little bit iffy, you will be treated as if you've just raped the Queen.

Don't forget, Carol Thatcher was sacked by the BBC for saying that a black tennis player with a tight, 1970s style Afro hairstyle looked like a gollywog. A bit daft maybe, but it was off air and I deny anybody to persuade me that anybody should lose their job for a comment like that, or for the comment that started this post.

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