Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Oppression of Christians

I've been away on a training course for a few days and came blinking out of the hotel into the daylight again yesterday evening. I always leave residential courses feeling like I know the other participants as well as I know my family, and expecting the world will have somehow changed while I've been ensconced in a dreary chain hotel. Sadly, the world just trundles on.

Yesterday I heard the news that a Christian couple who run a bed and breakfast have become the latest victims of the police state. They have fallen foul of the law for refusing a room to a  gay couple. The gay couple, rather than just go elsewhere, ran off to the police like a pair of big cissies. Now when I smoked, and the habit was tolerated, in the days before the police state forbade it, if I saw a bed and breakfast that was 'strictly non smoking' I just passed it and went to one with a more libreral attitude. Why couldn' this gay couple do likewise?

I'm a Roman Catholic and there are obviously things that I disapprove of, divorce being one. I am married until the day I die to one woman. Even if she did leave me, unlikely after nearly 25 years I hope, I would still regard myself as married. But I wouldn't stop other people from being allowed to divorce. I have gay friends. If they came to stay with us I would have no problem with them sharing a bedroom in our house. But if others refuse them that convenience, it is their choice.

We now live in a country where minority wishes repeatedly override the majority, where the majority are refused choice in order to accomodate the minority. I vehemently disapprove of gay adoption just as I oppose 70 year old women using IVF to become pregnant. Until recently Catholic adption agencies were allowed to work in the interests of children and Catholic couples who couldn't have children. The state has now closed down Catholic adoption agencies. For years if gay couples went to Catholic agencies they were discreetly pointed in the direction of agencies that did approve of gay adoption. No problem there, all views and beliefs were catered for. But no, the state decided what our agencies were doing was illegal and there are now no Catholic adoption agencies.

I may not approve of certain things, but I don't want them banned. Sadly in our 21st century tyranny choice for many of us is being crushed on an almost daily basis.   

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