Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sarah Palin and Liberal Scum

Last night was one of those strange nights, largely due to the modern media. As the terrible events in Tucson, Arizona unfolded watching the TV, and being on Twitter made it seem so much closer than previous tragedies that have rocked different parts of the world. It is terrible for all involved and we must all pray that Gabrielle Giffords makes a full recovery, not forgetting all the other victims and their families.

What really shocked me around the unfolding tragedy was the response of the liberal left. Within minutes they started pointing the finger. And who was it pointed at? No surprises, that figure of hate to the left, for the liberal left thrive on hatred, Sara Palin. Yes, no evidence, no reasoning just a typical knee jerk reaction and someone to instantly blame, someone on the right.

So why did the left immediately point the finger at Sara Palin? Because she had 'targetted' Congresswoman Giffords, among others, on her website. So obviously some nutter takes it literally and hey presto, Palin's to blame. How simplistic, how hateful, how very liberal left. So we can only assume that the next time Labour talk about a 'decapitation' strategy they will bear in mind that they could be encouraging the beheading of political opponents! If you don't know, and might be encouraged by this blog to take a machete to a political opponent please don't. Decapitation means working for the removal in elections of senior or leading political oppponents rather than their literal decapitation.

When the left rattle on about hatred, love and peace it is as well to remember the way they treated George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and others, indeed anybody they happen to disagree or disapprove of. Socialism is based on hatred and venom, it is the natural territory of the liberal left and Marxists all over the world. We have a duty to fight them everywhere.  


AlexEllisRoswell said...

I understand your points about some on the extremes of Socialism and the "left" of politics being fueled by hatred Gregg. However I feel the way you have written this comes across no better than anything some of them would say or do. You have used very blanket statements to describe, from what I can gather, anyone on the left of politics(?). There are some genuine and decent human beings, if not slightly philosophicaly deluded, on the left of politics.

Gregg said...

I disagree Alex. The left is fuelled by hatred and envy. Inadvertently or otherwise their policies lead to extreme misery at best, at worst millions dead. Take a look anywhere socialism has been put into practice.

Take at look at what we are going through, and it will get worse in the coming months and years, thanks to social democracy.

Take no prisoners.

Gregg said...

Actually Alex, looking at your comment again, have you actually read my post?

Anonymous said...

It's easy to take things the wrong way on a blog with flames in the background. Smiley's might help :-)

It is very important to point out the faults in left-wing philosophy as well as the behavior of left-wing personalities. After all, it is they who ask us to disregard the non-aggression principle and they who call for the use of coercion as the basis for a political system.

I've made a note to talk about this at the next SE drinks.

Gregg said...

Smileys are for the semi-literate who can't express themselves in the English language without images.

A note to talk about what 'at the next SE drinks'?

Guthrum said...

I do not care that anybody can embrace socialism, it is when they require me to be coerced into socialism that it bothers me.

Socialism requires force to impose its will. They are fairly careless about who they point the finger at.

What is bizarre here is that the alleged murderer was a big fan of Obama/Chavez/Castro.

I have been following this all day waiting for somebody to say he was a Libertarian. So far the worst has been 'Anarcho-Communist'

Gregg said...

At last, a comment that is at least cogent.

The reports from the US today are that the massacre was as a result of constant attacks on federal power, big government etc., etc. Libertarianism in other words.

Let's all be naive and pretend the opposition are just nice people, if a little misguided. That's exactly what they rely upon.

Flames in the background? I must be Satan!