Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sounds in My Head

Oh God, please not Bronski Beat!
No, I'm not going mad, at least I don't think so, but recently there seem to be more than the usual number of tunes that get in my head and refuse to go. You know what I mean, you're tootling round the supermarket and suddenly it's there, that tune. You even find yourself humming it out loud, and it isn't always a tune you necessarily like, which makes it even worse.

It happened to me before Christmas and the tune wedged in there and refused to go. It's easing now, but there are still a few times during an average day when it pops in and haunts me. The song is Tar Barrel in Dale by The Unthanks.  If you follow the link and listen to the song I'd be interested to hear if it invades your mind too! Thankfully I like the song, that's some mercy.

Then yesterday I worked with Sweeps, a Scouser on my acting course. It felt like he'd spent Christmas at home with us as he pops up in the current McDonald's and Sheila's Wheels TV commercials. Every time I turned the telly on that bugger popped up. So I was haunted by a Scouser on TV, and The Unthanks had got themselves into the dark recesses of my mind.

But last night, and today it became a lot worse. Last night Sweeps kept singing the opening lines of He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.  So I now have The Hollies desperately fighting The Unthanks like some kind of mental Eurovision Song Contest going on in my head. But to make matters worse the high pitched squealing of Jimmy Somerville singing the chorus of Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy keeps sneaking in. He kept singing that one too when his brother got a bit too heavy for him.

Bloody Scousers!!


e.f. bartlam said...

Bronski Beat???

That is horrifying.

Gregg said...

It truly is. Imagine waking up at 4am with that stuck in your head. You don't get back to sleep!!

aldi said...

i wouldn't be able to get back to sleep with jimmys peanut head stuck their either.

Next time you turn on the radio expect Erasure(head).

Gregg said...

I might try andget Erasureheadinto common parlance.

"How did you sleep last night?"

"Bad, I had terrible Erasurehead"