Friday, January 21, 2011

Baroness Warsi's an Idiot!

I spent the start of the week ensconced in a dreary hotel on a training course. The rest of the week I've been suffering a dose of double pneumonia with chronic fatigue and bronchial problems or, as my beloved likes to call it in her usual sexist way, 'man flu'. I'm feeling a lot better now and have decided to blog.

I shall have a fitness test tomorow morning to decide if I am fit for the FC United game tomorrow. I suspect I will be OK to take my usual place in the Main Stand thanks to the amazing medicinal qualities of cheap whisky, honey, lemon and boiling water.

Now then, if you had any doubts that the Tory Party is nothing more than a bunch of dead headed social democrats, dripping wet and with a great pinkish tinge running down their spines you only had to hear what Baroness Warsi had to say about Islam and dinner tables. What a pathetic moron she is and she is Chairman of the Tory Party.

So a muslim woman, apparently a successful businesswoman, who has been elevated to the House of Lords, claims that English people sit around their dinner tables coming out with nasty racist remarks about Islam. Forgive me if I now sound racist but I can't remember the last time we bothered to talk about Islam around our dinner table.

I don't bracket all followers of Islam as extremist nutters any more than I blamed all Irish people or all Catholics for the evils of the IRA. After all, I'm a Catholic myself and I've never wanted to blow anybody up.

Actually now I think of it, the last time we mentioned anything concerning Islam at the dinner table was discussing how our friend in an Islamic country had to get the written permission of her husband to get a driving licence and isn't allowed a bible in that particular country.

Of course there's nowt wrong with that is there Baroness? Or does that make us evil anti-Islamist racists?

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