Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hugo the Chavez and George Galloway, What a Pair of Prats!

Vicious Venezuelan dictator
Hugo Chavez is the new Chez Guevarra, a tyrant worshipped by idiots like George Galloway and lefty prats who don't mind bloodthirsy bastards as long as they look cool and are of a leftist disposition.

Earlier this week I read about Chavez, the great dictator of Venezuela, banning a TV station from featuring a particularly nasty dog called Little Hugo in a soap opera. I wonder how Galloway would react if Coronation Street introduced a pesky little dog called Scottish Bastard?

Nasty little dog in a Venezuelan soap opera
Not known for modesty, or a keen sense of humour leftist despots.

Saw a few minutes of George Galloway on Question Time this week. He's just as self-obsessed and bullying as ever. I had to switch off, him and Alistair Campbell on the same platform is way beyond what any reasonable human being should have to suffer. In fact the UN should ban it as cruel and unusual punishment.

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