Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Signs of the Times

Something is wrong and we all know it. Sometimes things happen that should cause outrage and anger, but they get a little coverage and then are gone, forgotten.

One such instance was the policeman in Wiltshire who was imprisoned for assaulting an innocent women as he threw her, for no obvious reason, into a police cell. He was released after a few weeks on appeal. However, the police still weren't happy with him and he was sacked. I must admit to feeling a sense of relief for the innocent people of Wiltshire when I heard he had been sacked, just a shame he's on the streets as a civilian.

On a similarly serious note a Scottish 'ambulance technician' has kept his job despite a woman dying when he refused to treat her because he was on a tea break 800 yards away. That really does take the biscuit. He should not only have been sacked but also put behind bars the bastard!

According to the NHS careers website this is what 'ambulance technicians' are supposed to do, so long as they are not having a brew:
Where they are still employed, ambulance technicians are members of the accident and emergency crew, answering 999 calls. Working alongside a paramedic, they give patients potentially lifesaving care at the scene and then get them to hospital as soon as possible. They are often on call - in the middle of the night and in all weathers - and will deal with a wide range of different people and situations.
Just to prove that we are being crushed by an ever more oppressive and authoritarian state that cares little for the innocent citizenry on numerous levels, here is another example of high handedness from Bedford council.
A man was threatened with a £1,000 fine for displaying posters of his missing cat on trees and lampposts in Bedford. Mike Harding put up a series of A4-sized posters of Wookie, who went missing in late November. He said the borough council warned him of the offence of flyposting and said he had to remove the posters within 48 hours or face a fine.

We used to be a nation of animal lovers, it seems that those in charge of us now loathe animals and humans in equal measure.

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