Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fight in Bolivian Parliament

Bolivia is one of my favourite countries. We were there in '91 for a stint and managed to get to watch the Bolivian championship play off final between Bolivar, and The Strongest, who are both from La Paz. 

The people are amazingly friendly and the first sight of La Paz, as we were driven down from the airport in El Alto, is something I will never forget.

What was most striking was the high proportion of indigenous Amerindians in Bolivia compared to many other Latin American countries we had visited. We were also struck by the gentleness and friendliness of the Bolivian people who spent a large amount of their time sat around chewing coca leaves.

So I was particularly surprised by the following film of politicians fighting in the Bolivian Parliament. After decades of coup followed by coup I suppose it's better to have the politicians fighting each other than the army fighting the people. What price would you pay to see the Tories geting stuck into Miliband, Huhne and co?

Mind you, at least the Bolivians fight like real men, I suspect Miliband, Huhne and co would be a bit too camp for it to be called a real fight.

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