Wednesday, May 25, 2011

David Campbell Bannerman: Another UKIP MEP Quits

I wasn't surprised to hear that UKIP MEP David Campbell Bannerman had jumped ship to join theTories. I always felt he was more of a Tory than a UKIP type, but I still find it odd that somebody can spend so much time in a party campaigning for withdrawal from the EU, then jump ship to join a pro-EU party like the Tories. But I suppose there's nowt so queer as folk, especially in politics. No doubt the UKIP lies and smears directorate will be going into overdrive as I write, ready to smear and blacken the name of yet another defector.

As UKIP have now had MEPs for twelve years, and those MEPs have brought nothing but wasted resources, wasted opportunities and embarassment on the Party, maybe it's time they did the honourable thing and withdrew from the whole EU gravy train and fought their battles in the UK, the only place the war for independence can be won. After all, judging by their results in the latest local, general and parliamentary by-elections, having MEPs is doing the cause no favours, unless a few booming bank balances and pensions count as success.

So UKIP have now lost Nikki Sinclaire MEP from the party, and Mike Nattrass MEP and Trevor Coleman MEP from their far right-wing grouping in the European Parliament. I wonder who'll be next to jump ship? No se, y no me importa!

The term "lions led by donkeys" springs to mind. Or should that be "lions led by a donkey"?


Peter Metcalfe said...

UKIP even want to join a pan european party now so they are actually more pro-EU than the tories which is perhaps why Bannerman has defected.
They should be sued under the Trades Description Act.

Gregg said...

Fair comment Peter. But I'm curious to see the lies and smears Farage and co come out with to try and blacken his name. Who knows they may claim he sent a letter to memebers, or even criticised Farage on a forum!

Word is Marta Andreasen has jumped ship too, but I'm awaiting confirmation on that one.