Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Refugees from Arab Countries and the European Union

In a fine example of typical European Union hypocrisy France, Italy, Denmarks and others are desperately trying to quit the Schengen Agreement because of the flood of refugees from North Africa, proof that the EU is nothing more than a sham. It's great when the members states are growing fat off the subsidies, but rules and agreements are quickly ignored or broken when they don't suit them. Let' hope it proves to be another nail in  the coffin of the EU.

Italy has done a smart thing and is issuing the current wave of migrants from North Africa with papers allowing them to travel throughout the EU. Italy knows full well the aim of the majority is to get to France and the UK.

But there is a real problem for Britain to face too. How many more immigrants can this country absorb without reaching a major crisis? Why is it that when countries are supposedly liberated people suddenly jump ship and flee the supposedly liberated countries? Why is that the boatloads of refugees we see on TV news are virtually 100% young males? Have they fled such dangerous situations without regard for their women and children? If you don't trust the TV news I suggest a tip to Calais where you can see the queues of young males trying to get into this country.

Of course those bleeding heart liberals at The Guardian blame Italy for the refugee crisisOf course the Independent blames the UK for the perceived refugee crisis. How very typical. Maybe those who were getting carried away at the supposed overthrow of tyrants in the Middle East in recent months might like to consider why so many people are now fleeing the new freedom loving and tolerant regimes in Tunisia and elsewhere.

And if our bombing of Libya was to protect innocent people, who are these thousands of people fleeing the bombing, the guilty?

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jake said...

i agree with the majority of your article. However, i gotta say the picture you show does answer the question as to why so many refugees are young males.
Its not a question of not caring about their wives, mothers and daughters that they leave them behind... its because the journey is so dangerous. Those that make it to Calais are (as you rightly pointed out) queuing up in refugee slums. These are not the kind of place i'd want my daughter stuck in for any length of time.
So why do they come? I guess if they feel they need to take such risks on the journey, living in squalor as they make their trek to the UK, and leave their wives, daughters, mums behind... then they must be pretty desperate. Therefore the conditions/economy/safety in their "newly free" countries must still be awful compared to us over here.
You are right about the EU and the UK's lack of direction on the matter.