Friday, May 27, 2011

Libya's Gadaffi Paranoid Claims The Telegraph!

The propaganda around the new imperialism sometimes raises a wry smile.

In this article the Telegraph claims Gaddafi is paranoid because he's scampering from place to place convinced that NATO is trying to kill him.

When people bomb the shit out of every place you go I'd call legging it a healthy self-survival instinct rather than paranoia.


Stuart said...

Totally agree.

It doesn't take a genius to realise that they are wont to kill Gadaffi.

They bombed his navy ships a couple of days ago.

That's war proper in my opinion.

Gadaffi knows well that they want his ass.

I find it all quite depressing. We certainly are - and look like - aggresors...

Gregg said...

my dad was in the Korean War and had to go up a hill for the toilet. One night as he was squatting in the bushes the Chinese shelled the hill. He legged it too, pants around ankles. I don't think that was paranoia either, if he hadn't I might not be here today!