Friday, May 13, 2011

A Poll: Those Lovely Lib Dems

Following a post a week ago, So, Farewell Lib Dems, I stopped posting comments from a particularly nasty Lib Dem who set his brother onto me. Yes, I know, very juvenile but there you go. As a consequence I have now been receiving emails, from the brother, of a particularly personal and nasty nature. Despite asking him to stop I received another this evening.

So, my poll is should I publish those nasty emails and name and shame the culprit or not? Feel free to vote in the sidebar.

The post, complete with unabridged copies of the three emails is ready, I just need to click publish post.


e.f. bartlam said...

It's doubtful anybody's gonna vote for you to keep them private.


Gregg said...

Suspect you're right Erik. Only 2 days to go!!!

Reggie said...

Yes, go on Greg, let's have a look at the nutters ramblings.

Can't stand Lib Dims.