Monday, May 16, 2011

Time To Be Grown Up About The European Union

For many years I've campaigned against UK membership of the European Union and still debate regularly on the issue. One thing I'm always struck by is the childish jingoism of the Eurofanatics. The only thing they seem able to do is accuse those of us who are not in favour of being xenophobes or Little Englanders. They have a dream and don't like reality invading their cosseted, idealised little dream world.

What many of us have known for years is that the British people have been repeatedly lied to about  the implications of joining the Common Market/EEC/EC/EU. All most of us want is the truth, let's face it even Ted Heath eventually admitted lying about what our membership was really all about. But the EU is one thing that scares the political class senseless, because letting the people decide would probably bring the establishment gravy train here and in Europe to an abrupt  end.

So it was refreshing today to read the Telegraph call for a mature debate on the EU. Who knows, Cameron may just listen to the Telegraph.

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