Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Deluded Rambling From The Lib Dem Leader, Nick Clegg

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for poor old Clegg and his dwindling band of eccentrics. He's now blaming Margaret Thatcher for the devastating losses the Lib Dems suffered last week, clearly the man is delusional. The following is a quote from his speech today as reported in the Telegraph:

He put some of the blame for the Lib Dems' setbacks in Scotland and northern cities in last week's elections on the "deep, visceral memories" of the 1980s and the fear that these areas would once again be "economically ... left for dead" as the Government cuts back on spending.

But he declared: "The '80s won't happen again. We are not in government to turn back the clock, but to move forward to a better, stronger and more balanced economy.

"In the Thatcher years, whole communities were uprooted. Because too many areas were dependent on just one industry, economic upheaval led to social upheaval. Industries went, and communities went with them. Never again."
Strange how the Tories, the party of Margaret Thatcher and obviously the real power in government did surprisingly well last week.

Wonder who he blamed for the loss of five seats in the general election last May? That dastardly Disraeli maybe?


Gregg said...

Now, now. Leave it to him to get personal. But I take your point.

Gregg said...

Hate to say this but he's even emailing me now, poor man doesn't sound well.