Friday, October 07, 2011

Where's The New Margaret Thatcher?

The bland leading the bland.
What a sanitised, dreary shambles of a PR exercise the Tory Party conference was. It epitomised the complete lack of imagination in current British politics. Where are the characters? Where are the big ideas? Where is the passion? When the big news of the week is the Home Secretary being attacked by the Minister for Justice for talking about a moggie, you know we are in the shit!

The people hate the European Union and the Euro is crashing before our eyes. But still Dave and co insist on telling us that the EU is good for Britain. Call the yellow vans then, he's obviously having some kind of mental episode.

The NHS is a shambles, swallowing  money at a faster rate than your average Frenchman guzzles pills. But still Dave insists on pouring money down the plughole. The only madder thing than that is the lefties still crying that the Tories are goint to crush the NHS. I first heard that in 1974 and knew it was bollocks then. The next pinko liberal I hear wailing about the Tories killing the NHS is likely to receive a bloody good kicking.

Tell you what, here's a radical idea for the NHS. If they spend a mere £1 a day on food for patients why not charge them for food? Who can't afford £5 a day? What would the patient spend on food at home? Then they could improve food in hospitals by spending £2 a day, surely good for people who are ill, and spend the other £3 on something like cleaning the wards many of which, in the two hospitals I have experience of at least, are filthy. Personally I'd just privatise it, my health is far too important to have a health system run by politicians.

This week I had a Tory having a pop at me for referring to Margaret Thatcher. I wasn't suggesting that Thatcherism Mk II is the answer to our current problems. What I meant was where is the politician with the big ideas? Where is the politician with charisma? Where is the politician who will stand up for what he believes in rather than doing what his pollsters, those grey men in suits and no ties claim the public want? Where is the politician who will actually listen to us rather than the liberal establishment and media?

Sadly I've come to the conclusion, having seen some of each party conference, that we now have the bland leading the bland. Let's face it, a Tory Party that couldn't even beat a Labour Party led by a pillock like Gordon Brown is in serious brown stuff.

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