Monday, October 31, 2011

Gay Marriage And Adrian Smith

You may remember Adrian Smith, the man who was demoted by Trafford Housing Trust for not believing that gays should be married in churches, rather they should stick with civil partnerships? Well below are excerpts from two letters that appeared in the Mail on Sunday yesterday:

I find the treatment of Adrian Smith truly immoral. He's done nothing but express a personal opinion in a private capacity, something he is wholly entitled to do. It is my hope that he is successful in his legal challenge.

Jamie (Somerset)

While some may view his comments as harmless, I believe there is the real possibility of offence. He made his position untenable as soon as he made these comments in a public forum, and as such will have to live with the consequences of his actions. 
Anthony William Mitchell (Cambridge)
Some key words are missing from the above letters. One contained the words 'as a non-Christian gay man', the other 'The Rev'. Can you guess which contained which?

I think The Rev Mitchell typifies all that is wrong with the Church of England. Furthermore, as I find his letter offensive, I trust his bosses will be demoting him to grave digger, where he'll have to live with the consequences of his actions. Oh, but they are probably too busy supporting 'Occupy' to do that.


Anonymous said...

A good and welcome post. Thank you

e.f. bartlam said...

We're members of the Reformed Episcopal Church and our membership continues to grow in large part because of stuff like this.

Gregg said...

There is a growing paranoia about Christianity in the UK, and people like the Rev don't help.

In fact I've just deleted a comment from a nutjob who has a virulently anti-Catholic blog. I respect his right to speak but he is not using my blog as a platform for his unhealthy obsession.

Probro said...

I totally agree with Reverend Give-the-gays-whatever-they-want. There was a REAL POSSIBILITY OF OFFENCE here. Who knows....he MIGHT even have HURT SOMEONE'S FEELINGS! (Gasp!)

Jamie said...

Red. Mitchell is using a false premise anyway - Adrian Smith *didn't* post the comment on a "public forum". It was on a private web pace accessible only yo his facebook "friends". The wider world would never have known of it had one of these so-called friends not dobbed on him to the boss.