Friday, October 21, 2011

England, Home of UK Uncut, Occupy and other Silly Prats

Move along now. Dale Farm is closed, haven't you got St Paul's to go to?

We needed a change this week, Mrs B and yours truly. It's healthy to have a change of scenery now and then, so we packed a few bits and cleared off to France.

We stayed in a little town an hour from Calais on a nice little camp site, we have a little caravan you see. For four or five weeks of the year we travel in our caravan. That's what caravans are for, travelling. It's great, because after a few nights we hook up and move on to somewhere new. We travel.

So it was refreshing to hear, while we were away in our caravan, that the Dale Farm residents had been moved on. They must have got really lazy and I'm sure they will be grateful soon when they find pastures new. Ten years on one site? I'd be going stir crazy after ten weeks on one site. And these cheeky gits call themselves 'travellers'! Of course you won't be pleased if they land up next to you and your home, but that's another tale.

Then there are the nobheads 'occupying' places like the outside of St Paul's Cathedral in London because they're a bit fed up. Funny that, because when we got fed up and wanted a change we used to go camping too. Then we got a bit old and hey presto, we got a caravan! See the link? But we used to camp in places like the Alps and the mountains of North Wales, not concreted urban areas.

We have been fed up with political crap for years too. So we got involved with politics. In fact I've been active in politics for over 30 years. But what has happened in those 30 years? Not a lot because people don't find slogging the streets putting leaflets through letterboxes 'sexy'. They don't like having to persuade others, even those on the same side, that x, y, or z is the way forward. They take another route. They grandstand. They seek attention and an adrenalin rush by posing around, making twats of themselves and annoying most of the population.

You had 'peace camps' in the '80s with dickheads in dreadlocks juggling in silly hats. You had 'Swampy' and co trying to save woodland in the '90s with dickheads in dreadlocks juggling in silly hats. Now we have dickheads in dreadlocks juggling in silly hats to 'end poverty' outside St Paul's.

Pose around on YouTube and make a few headlines on dodgy satellite TV news stations, it's much more pleasant than leafletting Gorton or Wythenshawe on a wet Wednesday night in October. So why don't people rush to support your UK Uncut and Occupy nutters and sweep them to power? Because most people think they are prats and lefty mongs.

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