Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Fat Bastard!

I don't care what anybody says, we obviously have too much money swilling around judging by this report from the BBC.

There is a group of researchers in the Midlands, the Human Metabolic Research Unit aka 'flab lab' looking at why so many people are fatties. It's costing a fortune in salaries and space age equipment to suss out if somebody is fat or not. What a waste!

I was brought up being told to eat little but eat often. They've spent a packet on research to come out with that gem.

I was brought up to eat slowly, that way you'll digest your food properly and enjoy it more. They've spent a fortune to come up with that.

I have a mirror and kitchen scales. Admittedly I rarely use them as it is depressing. They've spent a fortune on a machine called a  whole body calorimeter.

If they paid me about £40,000 a year I could save them a fortune in research by telling them why people are fat. Here are one or two reasons:

Fat people often drink like fish.

Fat people often eat junk food too often.

Fat people eat too much cheap processed food.

Fat people don't exercise enough.

Millions of pounds is being wasted on pointless research. I've explained obesity in one short blog post. I might apply to the Department of Health for a research grant now, to research how to lose weight.

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