Thursday, October 13, 2011

The NHS-Abusing Us All

It's been good today to see the mess that is the NHS being criticised, as it should be. I'm sick of the appalling waffle people come out with whenever the NHS is mentioned.

The staff in the NHS are only interested in their own positions in my experience. Yes, that's a sweeping generalisation, as is the bullshit about nurses being 'angels' and all NHS staff being such 'caring people'. If we only had one nationalised supermarket, and it was as incompetent and wasteful as the NHS we would have a revolution on our hands. But as soon as the NHS is mentioned the brainwashed just drool about how marvellous it is. So, here is a list of the disasters that I can name off the top of my head within our glorious system of nationalised healthcare:

My mother-in-law went in fit and healthy, apart from having norovirus. She was so badly treated in hospital that she broke her hip and has been unable to walk since. That was in 2007.

A friend of mine lost his aged aunt after she was effectively starved to death in hospital.

A neighbour was left in a wheelchair in a 'broom cupboard' for ten hours when he was taken into hospital. He died a week later.

When my wife visited her mother she showed me a photograph of a toilet. It was so filthy I thought it was on the council estate where her parents live. It was actually the toilet in the hospital where her mother was being (very poorly) treated.

I spent a night in hospital in 2007. When I was preparing to leave the next day I glanced under the bed. There was a pool of dried blood under it, left by a previous occupant of the bed.

When my father-in-law visited his wife in hospital he lost his cap. Four days later my wife visited and found his cap under the bed on the floor, which obviously hadn't been swept or mopped for at least four days.

A friend of mine visited his mother in hospital. When there he contracted MRSA.

Remember Harold Shipman?

Remember people being poisoned at Stepping Hill Hospital?

And before I'm accused of being a right-wing nutter read this report from The Independent.

Here is a 1998 BBC article about NHS disasters.

Then all you get from Dave is the boast about how much more the Coalition is spending on the NHS than the last lot. Populist crap! Throwing money at crap just means the crap gets more expensive. Until politicians and the populace stop bullshit drooling about the 'glorious NHS' we will continue to see it get worse and worse and worse.

Let's face it, if virtually any other industry had such an appalling record of mistreating it's customers it would have either died a natural death, or been closed down by the government years ago. And just remember the next time NHS unions are marching to 'save your NHS', they are really marching to feather their own nests.

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