Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baroness Warsi

The Tories politically correct mascot.
Is anybody really surprised that yet another politician is mired in accusations about expenses? To be honest the system is a sham in the first place.

Whenever I have held a position involving expenses claims I've had to produce receipts. If I didn't have a receipt I was given a reasonable opportunity to explain why, usually I'd lost it among all the other crap I gathered in my car. Why are our political leaders allowed to just claim allowances, such as a fee on top of salaries, just for turning up to do a day's work? It seems that she 'forgot' to declare rental income from a flat she owned in London and claimed in the region of £165.00 a night in accomodation expenses while staying in the spare room of a friend.

I've heard the usual pap on t'interweb from Tories defending her. It's funny how much they sound like the Labour politically correct brigade when one of their own is in the shit. I've actually heard her defended with the argument that it would be somehow wrong to hound out of office the country's top ethnic minority politician. What a deadheaded argument that is. It's almost as pathetic as the defence of David Laws on the grounds that being on the fiddle is OK if it's being done to hide your true sexuality. If guilty she should be out of public life, pronto.

Another Tory has questioned the motives of her accuser to make excuses for her. Who honestly cares what the motives of the Tory doctor are in accusing her? If she is guilty then end of story, throw the book at her. If somebody accuses another of murder because they have fallen out does the motive of the accuser lessen the offence of the accused? No it doesn't.

I've always seen Warsi as a Tory politically correct token with very little talent and, like the Coalition, nobody actually voted for her. What better a chairman for the current Tory Party than an ethnic minority woman with a northern working class background? All she's lacking is a disability. Oh yes, and ability.

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Daz Pearce said...

To quote Mark Hollis, she's a Dum Dum Girl...

Her performances on Question Time are always dismal even by the current political standards. In fact between them, Priti Patel and Warsi make a formidable Tory EQUOP team.