Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nick Clegg, Probably The World's Most Patronising Politician

I'm pretty annoyed after listening to that patronising pillock who is masquerading, for the time being, as deputy prime minister. His meaningless soundbites are just that, meaningless. I think it's probably the smug, patronising way he delivers the soundbites that really gets on my tits!

In his rage against his perception of Victorian style social division and class conflict he states:

"....it's just not right that if you go into an average classroom, one in five children will be on free school meals. Go into an Oxford or Cambridge lecture theatre and only one in 100 will [have been] on free school meals."
So what are you saying Nicky? That being on free school meals should give you access to Cambridge or Oxford University? No, you're just coming out with patronising platitudes.

He also said:

"..universities need to look behind the grades an applicant has on their CV and look at the potential a youngster has to thrive at university".
When I went to college I had to attend for interview before being made an offer. Doesn't that happen any more? Or again, does Clegg think a dummy with poor grades on free meals should get an unfair advantage over the bank manager's son who gets excellent grades?

The problem, Clegg, is that social engineering wrecked our education system. Under the old grammar school system kids got to grammar schools on merit, which is why you saw kids with unemployed parents sat next to kids whose parents were very wealthy.

When they imposed the comprehensive system on people, in the search for equality, they immediately destroyed equality. The kids on the rough estates went straight to schools full of other kids off the rough estates. Parents with ambitions for their kids had to move to 'better areas' to access the better schools. Sadly, as with most things, when the state intervenes it often has the opposite effect to that intended.

There will always be winners and losers. There will always be people who are academic and those who are not. There will always be people who achieve, and those who don't. Clegg needs to get out a bit more and see the real world and he will realise that we are no longer living in the 1890s. Leave people alone and they will get on with life, some will be successful some will not. More state interference can only make things worse.

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