Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Police State-Shoplifters Of The World Unite!

The bastard who did this should hang!
When I was coming round this morning I got an awful shock, up popped Caroline Spelman MP, Minister of State for Mithering and Nannying. I can't stand the woman.

She was banging on, with that smug look on her face, about fines for that awful crime of leaving your wheelie bin lid up and the even more anti-social crime of leaving your wheelie bin out too early.

 The world is crumbling, it looks like we're limbering up for bombing the crap out of Syria and the unelected EU dictator of Italy wants to close down Italian football and that silly cow is banging on about wheelie bin lids!

The thrust of what she was on about? Well, our glorious unelected government has lowered the fines for the above offences to a mere £80. She proudly proclaimed that the previous fines were disproportionate and the new fines put the guilty on a par with shoplifters. Oh yippy bloody doo! So our glorious nanny state equates putting your bin out a day early with shoplifting. Says it all really.

Over to you Morrissey and The Smiths, a song that has never been more relevant:


e.f. bartlam said...

She would lose her damn on our street every Monday and Thursday. I don't even want to go down and retrieve the bins much less hunt down the lids after they've been hurled into the middle of the road.

Daz Pearce said...

Thanks for the music video Gregg. After not doing them for years the Smiths knocked out some great videos to accompany their singles.

The one for Girlfriend in a Coma is just brilliant.

As for Spellman, she just strikes me as the Tories' answer to Patricia Hewittt. Patronising, boring cow with nothing to say and says it too loud!!