Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spain And Gibraltar

It seems there were 'skirmishes' last night off Gibraltar involving the Spanish Guardia Civil and the Royal Gibraltar Police, with a Roayl Navy vessel standing by just in case.The dispute was over Spanish fishermen trying to cast their nets off The Rock.

So in the Falkland Islands in 1982 it was a scrap metal merchant that was used by the Argentinians to start the war, the Spanish are now winding us up with their fishermen. They've got our fishing waters, thanks to the European Union, now they're after Gib!

What is it about these countries that they cannot accept that the people of Gibraltar, just like the people of the Falklands, should have the right to decide their own futures? It's not down to the United Kingdom government and certainly not the Spanish or Argentinian governments to decide. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Spain and Argentina being miltary dictatorships until relatively recently and more to do with their governments trying to deflect attention from their ecomnnomic shambles.

The Spanish really need to remember Ceuta.


Webmaster Gareth said...

Gibraltar should be Spanish. The Dutch and British troops carried such artrocities that the Spanish people who lived their fled.

We would not let Spain take, occupy and keep Portsmouth.

The days of Empire are long gone. Get over it.

Gregg said...

You're exactly the kind of prat the post was aimed at. Don't harp back to centuries ago. It is up to the people of today to decide their future, and I include the people of the Spanish colony of Ceuta in Morocco when I say that.

What has Empire got to do with it? It's 2012, get yourself up to speed.

I know somebody with your blinkered/brainwashed outlook probably won't understand, but for what it's worth I would allow the people of Yorkshire, Gibraltar, Scotland or wherever have independence if that's what a majority want. It's called freedom of choice

Anonymous said...

Well said, and the Spanish did a fair bit of conquering themselves.

Sean O'Hare said...

Gibraltar was ceded to Britain in perpetuity by the Treaty of Utrecht 1713. There doesn't seem to be any mention of the sea around the rock so I can see how a dispute might arise over fishing rights.

I see the Spanish royals have declined an invitation to attend the Diamond Jubilee celebrations over the issue.