Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pillock Of The Week

The pillock just had to be a caller to the Jeremy Vine show yesterday on BBC Radio 2.

I was taking my beloved to visit her mother in hospital  in Manchester and was listening to the radio in the car. Part of the show was a discussion about Syria. Now call me a cynical old fart if you will, but I'm not convinced that we aren't being fed bullshit about Syria and other Arab countries by our governments in the West. But that's another issue.

Anyway, this particular participant, a texter or emailer I think, must have just discovered that the President of Syria has an English wife, Asma. Her bright idea to end the violence in Syria was for the British authorities to put Asma's English relatives under house arrest until hubby, Mr President, stops being nasty to people.

By that logic, if you have a relative somewhere in the world who might get into trouble be prepared, if this nutty pillock has her way you might find yourself in shackles because little Chantal or Mackenzie has been shoplifting in Australia on their gap year and you happen to be cousin/aunt/brother or whatever to the delinquent.

She might think it a form of diplomacy, I think it's more a form of kidnapping pretty much on a par with those pirates in the Indian Ocean. I suppose it does go some way to explaining how the self-righteous anti-paedophile lynch mob a few years back ransacked a paediatrician's home. A lot of not very bright people about.

She was closely followed by this week's runner up pillock, President Obama. He referred to Auschwitz as 'a Polish death camp'. His clanger was quaintly brushed away by his sycophants as a 'misstatement'. No it wasn't, whatever 'misstatement' means, it was a cock up. Imagine the uproar if George Bush had said that. There may be differences in English between us and the Americans but that goes beyond just linguistic differences. No wonder the Poles are pissed off.

God help us!

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Daz Pearce said...

We're regularly fed stories of what wicked regimes are doing to people in the hope of getting support for another of those foreign adventures they love so much.

I'd happily support an MPs draft of, say, 25 soldiers to accompany every war they vote for. Its completely random and takes no account of age, sex or religion. If you want to battle that badly, go fight in it yourself!!