Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rupert Murdoch-The Leveson Enquiry

I saw a bit more of the Leveson charade yesterday. What an expensive, pretentious sham. I could have saved the country a small fortune by giving the verdict weeks ago. I say 'we' because as ever it is us, the taxpayer, who will pick up the tab for the weeks of posing and posturing that is the Leveson Enquiry. Here is the verdict:

Rupert Murdoch is a very successful, influential and wealthy man.

Rupert Murdoch became successful, influential and wealthy by giving people something they want to buy.

If you have Sky TV, buy the Times, the Sun or another Murdoch product, then you made Rupert Murdoch successful, wealthy and influential.

Rupert Murdoch, like the rest of us, wants to influence government, which is why we write to our MPs, lobby our MPs, join political parties and so on. That's why companies hire lobbyists to try and influence government.

Politicians are, on the whole, vain, ambitious and morally dubious. They are more likely to be influencced when flattered and pampered, especially by the successful, wealthy and, influential than they are by the likes of you and I.

All governments in recent years, of whichever shade, have courted and grovelled to Rupert Murdoch because he is influential.

So blame the politicians, not Rupert Murdoch. He's just been doing what most of us in his position would do.

Let the criminal justice system deal with the phone hacking cases.

There you have it in ten minutes and a darn sight less than the multi-million pound cost of Leveson.

By the way, that inquisitor in the Leveson Enquiry who looks like Elvis Costello's twin brother gets right on my tits.

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