Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Stewards In High Vis Jackets

What is it about high vis jackets that turns the wearer into a raging jobsworth at best, a raging fascist at worst?

Maybe it's because too many sporting organisations now use security companies rather than employing their own friendly people.

I've been to two sporting events in the last few days and the presence of stewards is increasingly over the top and often highly provocative. All too often they seem to be seeking confrontation.

The absolutely worst seem to be those that have trite messages on their backs such as: "Here to help". Bollocks they are! They should have on their backs: "Here to mither and provoke people until they get pissed off, then I can throw them out".

Feel better for that.

1 comment:

Citizen Stuart said...

I keep a high vis in the boot of my car. Accuse me of being a fascist and I'll have you shot - several times!