Friday, July 09, 2010

Back in England

Landing back in Blighty we picked up on the bizarre drama of Raoul Moat. At first we thought armed police were trying to track down the former lead singer of the Mavericks, a bit of a shame because I quite liked them. Then I remembered that the singer is Raul Malo.

No, Raoul Moat is the musclebound psycho, probably pumped up with steroids, who is hiding in the woods in Northumberland with a gun. We did hear of the shooting when we were away but were not aware that the UN had sent in special forces from armies throughout the world to track him down. Well, the police in Northern Ireland are in on the act as, are the Metropolitan Police and numerous other forces' armoured units and we did actually hear on one radio station, while driving up from Dover, that the SAS were milling around. But surely the SAS would have had him by now. After all, Osama bin Laden hiding in a cave in the Hindu Kush is one thing, a derainged bodybuilder kipping in a bivouac in Northumbeland is another, surely?

Mind you, hearing the police press conference yesterday, some woman who sounded like Cilla Black and a bloke who sounded about as enthusiastic as Alan Shearer on moggadon, it's no surprise they are spending over £500,000 a day trying to catch him and achieving sod all.

Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the forces of law and order does it? Then again, if you call your son Raoul, and he's growing up in working class Newcastle, and he's a ginger, then you're storing up problems for the future really, as we now see.

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