Tuesday, July 27, 2010

David Cameron-What a Turkey!

David Cameron must be really, really stupid. Since sneaking into Downing Street he seems to have decided to play some kind of a student prank on us all by saying exactly the opposite of popular opinion. Bear in mind he couldn't win an election and is only in power because of a coalition with a party of misfits that managed to lose seats at the May election.

He is suddenly fighting for Turkey to join the European Union because, he claims, they are in NATO so therefore should be in the EU too. Maybe he also believes, using that logic, that the USA should be in the EU too. Then he really goes to town on those of us who don't want Turkey in the EU by tarring us all as Islamophobes. Prat!

To be honest if we were outside the EU, which we should be and one day will be, I wouldn't give a damn whether Turkey was in or not. But as long as we are in, and have open borders with the EU, I do not particularly want a border with Iraq and Iran, which is what we will effectively have if Turkey joins.

Furthermore, the larger the EU becomes the bigger a minority we become, and the more remote from government when decisions are being made. So when Cameron claims he wants to give power back to the people, how does giving more and more power to an ever expanding EU achieve that particular aim? In a word it doesn't, it's more bull from Cameron the turkey.

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Left-footer said...

Cameron is a Turkey all right. Let's hope he will soon be a political dodo.

Turkey in Europe? Geographical nonsense.