Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trouble in Belfast

It's not been a good few days for those fond of orange, what with Holland losing the final and Orangemen getting attacked as they marched in Belfast.

The last time I was in Nothern Ireland, about six years ago, there was widespread cynicism verging on ridicule about the officially stated arms decomissioning. Real people, not idiot politicians like Blair, knew that the peace process would only last so long.

Let's face it, if you put murdering bastards like McGuiness and Adams in positions of power eventually they will grab for more power until they have complete power. In the last twenty years they have been proved absolutely right in their belief that the bomb and the bullet can get them what they want.

No wonder the pair look so smug when you see them on TV. OK the trouble at the moment is nowhere near previous levels, but let's see how long it takes.

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