Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jon Gaunt, Ignorant Pigs and Nazis

If you didn't know Jon Gaunt lost his job as a shock jock, a kind of poor man's Howard Stern , for upsetting a politically correct prat from South London if I remember. As the politically correct moron was gobbing off his authoritarian bile on a particular issue Gaunt likened him to a Nazi and I believe then called him "an ignorant pig". For this he was referred to Ofcom and sacked by the wimps and farts at TalkSport.

I used to listen to Gaunt occasionally but found him annoying, especally his habit of referring to himself in the third person such as "Gaunty did this" or "Gaunty thinks the other". But if he really pissed me off I changed channels. Gaunt broke no laws but was sacked for offending somebody, somewhere, in some way. How our freedom of speech has been eroded by the pinko-liberal corrupting politically correct morons currently in charge. Personally I found everything Blair did or said offensive, shame I couldn't get him sackd for it. Gaunt will continue to fight his case and is appealing, I wish him luck.

Today I heard him interviewed on the BBC by Richard Bacon. Of course Bacon was all for regulators censoring what the public hear because the wet fart didn't think presenters "should offend people". When pushed by Gaunt he couldn't define what he meant by "offensive" quite obviously, because what causes one person offence doesn't another. What the patronising plonker (Bacon) seemed to be saying was that if there was no regulator, costing us £144m a year by the way, then the airwaves would be filled with presenters effing and blinding all day. Well you, Bacon, might be that kind of ignorant prat, please don't assume that all people are as sad and pathetic as you.

I agreed with Gaunt 100% in his assertion that an individuals off button is the best form of censorship.

Oh yes, the BBC isn't covered by Ofcom, it is self-regulated by the BBC Trust.

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