Thursday, July 29, 2010

European Investigation Order

If you doubted that we no longer have control of our government, and therefore our lives and our destinies, then this latest handover of power to the EU may convince you. No great statements to the media, just a sneaky mention in Parliament, then reported on the Parliament website. Theresa May (pictured) is the minister responsible.

Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, made a statement to the House of Commons on 27 July 2010 on the Government's decision to opt into the draft European directive on the European Investigation Order. The European Investigation Order has been designed to help law enforcement agencies in EU states share information.

From Parliament UK.

So much for the government handing power 'back to the people'. They didn't tell us they meant people in Brussels, Strasbourg and every police officer in the EU!

Watch the Video.

European Investigation Order in Hansard.

And when Dave achieves his ambition of speeding Turkey into the European Union, just remember Midnight Express.

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