Monday, July 19, 2010

White Christians Persecuted in Britain (The New Inquisition)

There has been, rightly or wrongly, a growing perception in Britain that so-called equality legislation works against the majority population and in favour of minorities. This perception is not just about ethnicity but about religious freedom too.

This view is supported in a report by the think tank Civitas reported in today's Daily Telegraph.

The fanatical politicaly correct interference in attempting to make us all the same has created an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion. I do not believe that there is a determined effort to crush the white Christian population, although the Labour governmnent had a good try, I think it is more cock up than conspiracy. A climate has been created by the equality legslation whereby people go so far to prove they are not guilty of an 'ism' that they unintentionally piss off some unsuspecting section of the populace.

Wherever the state interferes there is confusion at best, at worst confontation and pain. The abolition of all equality legislation, be it gender, race, sexuality or anything else, is the first step to people living together in peace.

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