Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Au Revoir La Belle France

Impersonating a mole in the morning, coming up for air somewhere near Folkestone. So goodbye to France for now, we'll be back soon no doubt, we can't stay away.

Here then, is our little tribute which I'm sure will be taken in the spirit in which it is meant:

Or if you don't like that then berets off and stand to attention for this:

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Steve Allison said...

Bon soir mon amie, la plume de ma tante est dans le jardin. Err, that's is for me for the froggy talk! Blighters should all speak English after Agincourt anyway and don't forget we saved them from the Germans TWICE in the last century. Do you know how many French soldiers it takes to defend Paris against the Germans? No-one does! It's never been done! (and their cheese stinks, not like a good British Cheddar!)