Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Labour Party Pillocks

I can't believe Labour Party supporters. It's 20 years since Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister but the sad lefties in Britain still whine about her and blame her for all the ills of today. In fact they whine more about her today than they did in 1992 or 1997.

Then today I heard some Labour Party pillock complaining that the ConDem government in the UK are still, ten weeks after the general election, blaming today's problems on Labour! Only ten weeks, after Labour spent 13 years wrecking the country? What an utter pillock.

But of course, ten weeks ago people were so unfair on the Labour Party. After all they have so many good ideas and policies to bring a brighter future to Britain, yet voters seemed determined to judge them on their last 13 years of government. How damn unfair.

No wonder Labour supporters are so bitter. They are all pillocks after all!

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