Monday, September 27, 2010

Independent Safeguarding Authority

It looks like the government are scrapping of New Labour's more oppressive police state quangos, the Independent Safeguarding Authority. Let's hope they do anyway, at the moment it's under review.

It was set up after the Soham murders because Ian Huntley hadn't been found guilty of any offences so passed his police check to work in a school.

Everybody working with 'vulnerable' people was supposed to register, in addition to being vetted by the police. 'Vulnerable' included anybody on prescription drugs. It meant that at least one parent had to register if they were to host a child on a foreign exchange visit. It included parents offering lifts to their childrens' friends, and so on. What it actually was was a further attempt by Labour to get us all onto a database and keep tabs on us.

But what if you were accused of a child related offence but found not guilty in a court of law? The ISA had the power to ignore that and decide you could not register with them anyway, making you unemployable in many cases.

Good riddance to what was, even by Labour standards, an oppressive authoritarian outfit.

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