Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blackpool Councillor Simon Blackburn Should Resign. Or Should He?

Much is being made here and elsewhere of the Blackpool councillor who referred to fans of the town's football club as 'donkey botherers'. Councillor Simon Blackburn happens to be a supporter of Blackburn Rovers and made the remarks when Blackpool took a two goal lead against Blackburn. That's Rovers not the councillor. Councillor Blackburn is also leader of the Labour Group on Blackpool Council.

If any football fans are so shocked and dismayed at the remark then I can only assume they have just come to football after years of watching opera, or maybe polo. I suggest you get to a proper football game, be that your local park or a Premier League ground and spend a few minutes listening to the spectators. Actually, if you find 'donkey botherers' so vile it warrrants the resignation of the name caller you perhaps shouldn't you poor delicate flower, and please never go near a Manchester Derby or a game involving English teams playing Scottish teams.

Football is a passionate game and yes, sometimes the rivalry goes too far. But please let's keep a sense of perspective.

I can't believe it, I've just defended a Labour councillor!

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