Thursday, March 31, 2011

Racism in Football

Once again Gordon Taylor of the Professional Footballers' Association is in the news for talking tripe. This is the man whose Trade Union represents the likes of Wayne Rooney, John Terry and all the footballers on multimillion pound a year contracts. So he knows about life at the rough end obviously.

This time he's demanding that as there are only two black managers out of 92 football league clubs, black candidates should be guaranteed an interview for any vacancy. He doesn't say how he would have dealt with the over representation of Scotsmen in football management over the years. Presumably he would advocate a cap on them applying for jobs.

But strangely he justifies his pretty murky views by criticising the number of foreign managers brought to the UK rather than black managers being given a chance. Even more strangely he supports his argument about imaginary racism by actually naming two foreign managers who have allegedly blocked the progress of black managers in the UK. They are Ruud Gullit and Jean Tigana. One of them's black, and other one? Well, he's black too actually.  

And people say those in football aren't very bright.

From the BBC.


Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO!

Agree with you that +ve discrimination is wrong & that the PFA shouldn't propose it.

Would remind you that not everyone the PFA represents is on the same contract as Rooney or Terry. Certainly not the case in times gone by. I believe it was Jimmy Hill got rid of the maximum wage!

Also Rooney & Terry are only guilty of getting the best price they can for their labour. Robert Nozick's "Wilt Chamberlain" example & all that.

Gregg said...

I don't blame them at all, although last year Rooney proved how greedy he is and what he thinks of United fans-not a lot.

I blame the mugs who pay their wages week after week, the fans. I haven't watched top flight football since 2005 because of the immorality of the game at that level.