Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have the Tories Given Up?

We had a piece of paper stuffed through our letterbox today. It had the photos and contact details of our local Tory councillor, county councillor and MP. It also had the details of the local party secretary, I assume that means he will be standing in the May elections but doesn't want us to know yet, it's a two seat ward. The back of the sheet was blank. Nada, zilch, nowt.

If that's the best they can muster, six weeks away from local elections and a referendum, then I can only think they've given up trying seeing the performance of the Coalition and the shambles in Libya. My beloved sees it differently, she thinks they are cocky enough to think they have to do nowt to win after retaking the seat in the general election.

We'll find out soon, but I suspect Labour could retake the local council seats here come May. But we've had nothing from them yet, or any of the other parties. With any luck they've all given up!

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