Saturday, March 19, 2011

BOMB THE VOTE-Boycott the May Elections!

As a result of the thread on yesterday's eChurch Blog, which I linked to below, the idea of a boycott of elections in protest over yet another military adventure by the UK government has been born.

'Goy' suggested the campaign name 'Bomb the Vote'. I don't usually think boycotting elections is a good idea, but voting seems to do little any more, look at the hybrid monster we currently have in government, so why not? Maybe we are a little late organising for the elections on May 5th but we can certainly sow the seed, and see what happens.

So I certainly intend to Bomb the Vote, and invite you to join me.


Anonymous said...

BOMB THE VOTE facebook event page – proto-page

Anonymous said...

ho! Ho! HO!

I sympathise with this approach in principle but not in practice . Politicians don't care what the public thinks but they do care what voters think because those voters are their meal ticket. This is why politicians only really care about the views of people born before 1970-younger people don't vote in sufficient numbers to be worth considering. If everyone who is anti-war stays at home then no politician need bother appealing to that constituency.

Gregg said...

I'm OK then Anonymous, they'll listen to me as I was born well before 1970.