Thursday, March 03, 2011

New Statesman-New Bullshit!

The left in this country have always had a problem keeping a sense of perspective, and an article in the New Statesman about government cuts in the UK proves that they have become even more deluded with the fall of New Labour.

To compare people campaigning against cuts in the UK with those fighting for freedom in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East is a gross insult to people suffering repression the world over. Typical do-gooding liberal bullshit from a pillock called Laurie Penny, practising freedom of speech in a nice cosy office in London.

Stoned to death for adultery, or having the opening hours of your local library reduced. Now, which one is worse?

'Pop culture and radical politics with a feminist twist' is her by-line. More like 'pop culture and radical politics with a twisted feminist'!

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