Friday, March 04, 2011

Royal Mail/Post Office? Let's Get Rid!

Once again I've had a wasted trek to the local Royal Mail sorting office.

This time it was to collect a recorded delivery letter that they'd called to deliver when I was out this morning. Problem is I was advised on the note to leave two hours before going to collect, but he had forgotten to time and date the note. So I left it nearly two hours and went to collect. He hadn't got back to the office. When I asked what would happen now I was told to come back later or wait in tomorow and they would deliver it then. But they couldn't give me a time. They call that service.

Usually I have to trek down to the Royal Mail sorting office to collect small packets they claim were too big to go through my letterbox. Usually, I'd say nine times out of ten, I get back with the packet and pop it through my letterbox before opening the door and walking in.  They only seem able to deliver unaddressed crap that goes straight in the bin. They call that service.

Then there's that other monstrous throwback to the past, the local Post Office. It's very rare I go to the Post Office these days, partly because I do almost anything I used to use the Post Office for online, and partly because the service is invariably crap, verging on hostile. Why suffer that when I can buy a stamp, for example, from a shop with workers who treat you like a human being.

I've never understood the emotionally retarded obsession with saving Post Offices, and I often wonder if these people think we should still be making chariots, or galleons maybe. We should treat these failing organisations like we should have done the failing banks. Let them die.


Angela said...

Greg, I completely agree with everything you've said. I too am a victim of awful, awful service with Royal mail being the King of awfulness.
I am eagerly waiting for Royal Mail to be sold on to become a private business....i don't mind the possibility of having to pay a little extra for my post as long as I finally get the service I deserve and pay for!
The whole organisation is full of goons who can't run a piss up in a brewery and I talk with extensive, negative experiences with Royal Mail as there are never any good ones. Shame. I hope Royal Mail fades away and the awful employees with it!

Gregg said...

Thanks for that Angela.
The problem is, just when you think it can't get worse it does. I do anything to avoid my local post office the staff are so miserable and the service so bad. But they'll whinge about losing a vital community service if it closes. Well start treating us like we're vital now and you may survive!

Angela said...

Hi Gregg,
Absolutely! To add insult to injury regarding Rotten Royal Mail et al, I phoned Tesco clubcard today as its way past 14th Nov now and my vouchers haven't been delivered. I found out that someone spent them without my clubcard on Tues 8th Nov at 5.30pm! It defo wasn't me! In addition to this, my 6 year olds birthday card never arrived on 14th either. It had £20 in it from his grandad. Royal mail thieves again!
I've already logged 2 complaints with RM over 2 redirections today and got lip, disrespect and awful service from those supposed 'complaint handlers'. I dread calling up again so im writing a letter to the CEO. Something has to be done.
As for the Post Office. Impolite, miserable, queue ridden awful business. Its like they think 'you have no choice in coming to us so you get what service your given'. What an awful shame. If I was the queen id remove the 'Royal' from Royal Mail henceforth!
Im not a majorly religious person but lets pray that RM gets brought out by a private business. Id happily pay for a decent, reliable service.


Gregg said...

My dad was a postie all his life, from leaving school at 14 to retiring nearly 20 years ago now. He could weep when he sees what it has become but was happy to retire when he died because the rot had set in even then.

When he started they used to be inspected for duty. If they weren't absolutely gleaming, bikes too, they were sent home to sort it and had their pay docked. They were expected to do the job and be courteous, or else.

Maybe it's a sign of the times. I phoned a restaurant in Manchester yesterday to book a table and was so rudely treated I told them to forget it, we're going elsewhere.

Gregg said...

Oh no! That should read 'happy to retire when he DID' rather than 'when he died'.

He's still very much alive thankfully.

Angela said...

Bless him! I'm certain that in those times it was more civilized and definitely respectable.

I can imagine that your Dad did his job well and in a highly respectable and trustworthy fashion. It sounds like he left the service in good time... If I was your Dad I would be looking at the organization today and feeling very disheartened and sad.
I guess now is a waiting good change can come!


Gregg said...

Too true Angela but I'm with you, privatisation is the way.

Have a great weekend and hope you have a nosey at some of my other posts, I appreciate your contribution.