Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eric Cantona and UK Uncut

You may wonder what the link is between Eric Cantona, all time hero of Manchester United fans everywhere, and a bunch of scum like UK Uncut. The link is an old pal of mine from back in the nineties when I was living and working in South London.

I was at Selhurst Park when Eric did his Kung Fu kick on a particulalry gobby and nasty Crystal Palace fan. Let's face it, if you have filth and bile directed at you by a bunch of morons every time you go to work eventually something gives.

But when I got into the office the next day a friend and colleague's reaction surprised me. He didn't attack Eric for his attack, he merely stated that earning the money footballers earn they should accept the abuse as part and parcel of the game and ignore it. This shocked me and I asked him if the staff I managed should be allowed to verbally abuse me because I earn more than them, or were they only allowed to abuse people on the salary of the Director and above? He couldn't answer at what salary level we could all justifiably abuse other people without fear of retribution.

Now we have idiots like UK Uncut smashing up businesses they think should pay more tax. My view is that our families come first, we have a duty to give them the best living standard we can. This means that we waste as little money as we can. Logically, this means we pay as little tax as we can. That is a moral obligation.

When I have to get the accountant to prepare my accounts I try to give him every bit of paper I possibly can in an effort to minimise my tax bill. Can I now expect UK Uncut morons to come and trash my house? If anybody went to their accountant asking him to make sure they paid as much tax as possible I doubt they would be bright enough to actually make any money in the first place. Do the nutters from UK Uncut buy a computer and spend their money on the most expensive so that they pay more VAT I wonder?

We all know the truth, UK Uncut are just a bunch of mindless, childish idiots who want to do what the hell they like and stuff everbody else. If they really were anarchists why would they be insisting on further empowering the state by trying to force more taxes into the state's coffers? I thought anarchists wanted the state abolished not strengthened.

So there is a link between Eric and UK Uncut. Does earning £10,000 more than somebody else mean they can abuse you? And if the corner shop has ensured it pays as little tax as possible can they expect a visit from UK Uncut?

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