Sunday, March 13, 2011

Libya, Armed Insurrection and the Coalition

One man's terrororist.......
I don't think it's a legitimate thing for one country to impose its will on another by force. There are lots of governments that we would regard as undemocratic, but it's for their own people to change the situation. China is probably one of the worst, but I don't see us clamouring for regime change or pondering a no fly zone over Shangai, and certainly no calls to send in troops.

What has struck me as odd in the Middle East is the number of people who have jumped in to support the demonstrators/rioters/insurrectionists, with little or no idea whether they would be any better or worse than the governments they want to overthrow. It's almost a Pavlovian response to cries, legitimate or not for 'freedom'. One man's idea of freedom is another's idea of imprisonment, just as it is with democracy.

So that thinking led me to ponder the immediate calls, by this government especially, for governments abroad to get out if the people voice opposition. In the case of Libya take up arms and that proves your democratic credentials and the government should immediately step down, even if the man in charge is a pal of Blair and the previous Labour government.

My conclusion is that those who do not accept the legitimacy of this Coalition should occupy a part of Central London for a week or two, maybe Trafalgar Square which sounds a little bit like Tahrir Square, and hey presto, Cameron and Clegg will flee to Bognor and the government is gone. The army will take charge for a spell while a new constitution is knocked together.

If that fails they only have to get hold of a few Toyota pick up trucks, a few Armalite rifles, which I'm sure that nice Mr Adams or the wonderful Mr McGuiness can get hold of, and there you go, freedom fighters. Surely those same governments that have jumped to urge Ghaddafi out would urge Cameron and Clegg to do the honourable thing too.

It worked for Adams and McGuiness don't forget.

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