Thursday, March 24, 2011

Den Dover and the EU Gravy Train

I'm not surprised another EU politician is in trouble over his 'expenses', but I am disappointed it's Den Dover, nicknamed 'Ben' when he was an MEP in the North West.

I debated against him a couple of times when he was an MEP and he was accompanied on each occasion by his wife and daughter. I had no idea at the time though that both were on his payroll. I suppose when you have had personal contact like that, and you found all three perfectly pleasant, it makes it all the more disappointing when they are rumbled, in a way you feel conned.

The authorities have now decided that Dover must pay back over £300,000 in expenses and allowances or face the risk of prosecution. As he has fought the authorities over this for a couple of years now I suspect he will carry on, especially if he's spent the money on house repairs and other things.

Of all the political bodies the EU is probably the easiest to defraud as it can't even control its own finances. The more useless the political body, the more useless the members of it, and the more money they seem able to cream off. Let's face it, if we got rid tomorrow who would miss the EU, apart from those on the gravy train? And if you would miss it, perhaps you can tell me one positive thing the European Parliament has done for you or this country.

Full story from the Telegraph .

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