Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Regrets? I've Had a Few.....

It's great seeing all these people grovellingly apologising for taking money from psycopathic madmen and perverts. But I'm afraid offering to give it back once they've been rumbled doesn't cut much ice. That merely makes it a cheap and immoral publicity stunt.

Sarah Ferguson is the latest. Others have been people like Nelly Furtado who took $1m dollars for singing to Gaddafi's coven for half an hour. Morality is making a judgement before you sell your soul, not when you've been rumbled. I don't believe any of those people thought Gadaffi was the new Gandhi when they took his cash. Neither did those clowns at the LSE. They only had to Google Gadaffi and Libya which I suspect they did but didn't care, they were just greedy for cash from wherever. We've all known for years that Ferguson would sell her soul for a couple of bob so no surprise there.

Sadly this kind of behaviour is only to be expected. After all, Labour spent its years in power grovelling to Gadaffi.

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